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Cassper Nyovest On Sway In The Morning + Africans In America Freestyle




When legendary meets legendary, we simply become short of words. However, we have to give you the burning gist in town.

The legendary South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest featured on the popular US hip hop morning show, Sway and he totally destroyed with the ‘Africans in America’ freestyle.

They say, style is temporary but legends are never forgotten. Cassper proved this once again and his humble beginnings since he announced via snapchat he would be appearing on the show and humbly shared his nerves.

“I’m doing Sway In The Morning, in the morning. I’m so nervous. Hopefully I remember all my rhymes,” he said.

He even went on further to humbly state to his fans “There’s so much pressure because I am the first South African rapper to do Sway In The Morning and I feel like I have to do my country proud and not let my continent down,”.

Not yet done, he even touched the heart of the fans with the message “Thank you Lord for this massive opportunity” and “A simple kid from a South African hood. No amount of hate can stop God’s love.”

However, he showed the exact opposite of his humility on his freestyle even when some fans had totally disapproved when he announced on social media he’d be doing a freestyle.

We can now tell you with pride that Cassper rocked and represented his brand, South Africa and the African continent with aplomb.

Even with the host, Sway, affirming Cassper’s legendary status and a host of questions which Cassper quickly put to bed about his upbringing and his rap game, he went a step further with a freestyle and this is a stunner, folks!

This freestyle which the legend titled Africans in America’ totally Swayed and even the biggest Cassper hater must have stood in applause. We will not waste too much of your time by giving you further gist.

You can watch the entire interview below and also the freestyle itself from 39:56. We can assure you this is totally the bomb. Just do us a favour with your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

June 23, 2016
2 MB
Length: 3:56
“African in America Freestyle (#SwayInTheMorning)” from Freestyle  by Cassper Nyovest On Sway In The Morning . Released: 2016. Track 1. Genre: Rap.
African in America Freestyle (Sway In The Morning) Freestyle Mp3 Download

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