Cassper Nyovest – Same Chair As Kanye West

Dreams do come true, fellas! It is no news that legendary South African Rapper, , made history recently as the first South African to appear globally-famous, Sway In The Morning Talk Show.

Now, he’s dropped the official, hot, smoking, and banging version of the ‘Africans In America’ freestyle he delivered on the show and he titled it Same Chair As Kanye West’. By now, you should already know we just can’t contain the excitement!

On the show, Cassper talked about his humble beginnings and all he has been able to achieve thus far. No doubt, he confessed of being excited about sitting on the same chair Superstar, Kanye West, sat on and now he’s made it the official title of his ‘Sway’ freestyle.

We all know that Cassper broke and mixed up some lines of the freestyle on the show, but make no mistake Same Chair As Kanye West’ is currently the dopest and hottest rap song on the continent as of now – hands down, no contest!

This one is the legendary version and many years from now, it will be listed amongst those great songs and the defining moment that changed the landscape of hip hop on the African continent forever. In his usual manner, Cassper held nothing past from the past, the present and even predicted the future.

We could go ahead to transcribe the whole of Same Chair As Kanye West’ but we won’t be doing you any favours and in this case, listening is believing. Are you all ready for the storm and excitement that’s already brewing? We sure can already feel it.

, download and enjoy ’s Same Chair As Kanye West’ below and be the first to join the conversation by leaving your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

June 30, 2016
3 MB
Length: 3:41
“Same Chair As Kanye West” from Same Chair As Kanye West – Single by . Released: 2016. Track 1. Genre: Rap.
Cassper Nyovest – Same Chair As Kanye West Mp3 Download


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