Cama Gwini – ZanemvulaKazi Album

The most exciting thing about singer, Cama Gwini is how much confidence she summoned to get back to the music scene after half a decade away. She had taken a long hiatus after the birth of her child in 2013 to live a “normal life”.

She’s quoted saying it was “nothing hectic” or “emotional“, she “just wanted to live a normal life“. Coming back now, she acknowledges that a lot has changed since her hiatus and says she’s scared starting over but will do it any way. That’s the confidence we love.

Now signed to 4 Billion Records, an independent label owned by Thabo Mantshiu, she dropped her first single, “Dubai” since being away in July.

The label is also home to Afro-soul artist, Indiana and Kasi hip-hop act, Red Button. The single dropped seven years after her last one in 2012.

Now, the singer is following up with the release of her new  “Zanemvulakazi . The is her third in general and comes ten years after her last one.

The previously released “Dubai” is the first single off the new which was made available on Friday, 4 October.

The mid tempo single was released to promote the new album, which is quite different from what she was known for.

Truly Cama Gwini sound changed, and that’s very obvious on the released single. It contains tribal chants and even a live band. Dope right? A music video has also be released for the new song. It also dropped in July.

With the new album, the singer is set to reclaim her fame which she previously amassed with singles like “Lidal’iThongo“, “Iqhawe“, and “Isolomzi“.

The album features three acts in Blaklez, Bongane Sax and Sizwe Ngema who all provided the massive ladders of support  to complete a classic.


1. Zanemvulakazi

2. Bomi Yimpi

3. Nomalanga

4. Dubai

5. Mr.Magic

6. Love&God

7. Ngigcwele Ngawe

8. Suk’emabhozeni

9. Ndimjongile

10. Amahule

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