Busta 929 & Lazi – Double Impact

The talented Busta 929 shows that there is more to this craft as he features Lazi on this entry rightly titled “Double Impact.”

Busta929, in the past, had the attention divided on his potential with several collaborations alongside the legend, Mr Jazziq.

However, he has appeared to change the narrative on this entry, as he takes the lead on this massive joint, and unapologetically so.

Even though he takes the backstage on most hit entries, the Disc Jockey and Music Producer is equally fit to reign on the mainstage with the weight of what he carries about.

After the stunt, he pulled on TallArseTee’s “Umuntu Wakho“, he has revealed another equally steaming musical design on an upcoming campaign “Umsebenzi Wethu” featuring the likes of Reece, Mr Jazziq and Mpura.

This entry wouldn’t have been complete without Lazi’s massive input, as the title simply does no justice to the kind of material they have introduced thanks to Thupa industry.

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