Boddhi Satva, Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma (Cuebur & Vanco Remix)

, Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma ( & Vanco Remix)

“Belma Belma” is and Maalem Hammam‘s musical sensation which is dominating the waves all over. However, that sensational tune has now gotten a make over from South African prolific disc jockeys and Vanco with a remix that carries a touch of their ingenuity.

Coming across an especially uber-groovy jam with an even superb makeover is a rarity in the world of music. However, Cueber and usual collaborator, Vanco gives “Belma Belma” a breath of fresh air with some additional bangs that’s really noteworthy.

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We know the duo managed to bring on the flames with their collaboration with Thulasizwe on the stunning hit song “Lengoma”. This asides from other hit projects of their own that makes them penciled down as the future of the South African music industry.

“Belma Belma (Cueber & Vanco Remix)” isn’t just a piece of music. It is an healing ritual that brings the tribal flavour and tunes of the Motherland to rock on an abundant dose of drum beats and shekere flavoured feel.

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If there’s one effort we’ll recommend for the moves and grind of the weekend traditional style, then “Belma Belma (Cueber & Vanco Remix)” is that piece hands-down.

, download and share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Boddhi Satva, Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma (Cuebur & Vanco Remix) Mp3 Download


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