Bobby East – Killmonger Freestyle

Bobby East – Killmonger Freestyle

One Zambian piece buzzing on the continent of Africa is the record by sensation Bobby East titled “Killmonger Freestyle.” He makes this a reply to the single “Dear Brother” by J.O.B.

The game of comes with a world of rivalries. However, when it comes from friends turned foes, then it holds even more of a different touch.

The twist in the story with Bobby East and J.O.B is one that used to be so perfect but things went downhill; making the duo race through to the studio to address each other.

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Ma-E – Yizinto

J.O.B had initially penned his own missive to to Bobby East and now, it is the turn of the “For A Long Time” mastermind to do same.

On this one, Bobby East goes down memory lane; making “Killmonger Freestyle” a documentary of their growing up years as pals.

He talked about their challenges and victories as well as those factors that built a solid bond.

Unfortunately, things aren’t the way they used to be and “Killmonger Freestyle” is just one heartfelt piece that is emotional at best.

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YoungtaCPT & Maloon TheBoom – Miyang Stokkie

We can only hope the two warring factions sheathe their swords as we all need that ride or die hommie to navigate through the complexities of life. Fame or no fame!

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