The Big Hash – Dark Horse Ft. Riky Rick

Once we told you sounds every inch like one ready to mess up the status quo on the circuit, we just weren’t kidding. Now, he’s commissioned “Dark Horse” and scores the massive heavyweight feature of Boss Zonke, .

In March, awoken our slumber to his lyrical dexterity and reality with the premiere of his Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence EP.

Still only 17 years old, he exhibits features of a wordsmiths well beyond and above his young period in the world; let alone the game.

However, that underdog title only gives even more vigour as well as more ammunition to his arsenal as he lets you know on “Dark Horse.”

Do you need us to break it down even further? The Big Hash is the Dark Horse in the world of SA .

However, on this latest massacre, he got the support of one established cat in the game; perhaps one of the most established, to further bless the quest as he takes victory against bets and the odds.

“Dark Horse” is a chant, an anthem and one that’s bringing all the buzz and trends to the circuit – especially with the new audience The Big Hash looks to have grabbed.

Well, we do not like to say we told you so, but you can still redeem the truth by giving this latest episode a chance.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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