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B3nchMarQ – Young OG




are still well on the radar of success after the launch of their album, with this single taking the front line titled “Young OG.”

They have a way of stealing the show, and that has been the hallmark of their fame so far, creating a brand that is synonymous with success.

It was a jolly good ride anticipating the release of the recent studio project on which they featured the likes of on tracks like “Sundowns.”

(T.K Mathiba) and P.Jay (P.J.S Mataboge) get the main stage as this track from the project takes the second spot after the launching attempt.

It stands alone as the main hit, preserving the charm these two hold on the scene and in the same breath, giving their fans something to hold on to before the next main campaign.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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