B3nchMarQ – Wifey

South African duo, aren’t done with their world of musical commissions. This time, they go on a more mellow but bouncy groove that they title “Wifey.” We just can’t handle the anticipation of the debut album of the boys.

The duo of Pjay and Tkay of the fame have made 2018 the busiest year of their career so far and are about to crown it up once they unveil their project of musical art.

They started off the year in fine version with the drop of the  “1st Quarter“ EP which contained 10K,” “Cashin’ Out,” and “Styrofoam.”,  again let Taxify You,” fly and followed it up immediately with Slums.”

The last time out, they were balling onRicco Case,” alongside Boy Wonder, SeQuel and Ecco. However, they extend that streak a notch on “Wifey;” getting right into the Valentine mood with some good ol’ adjectives to describe Queen of the home.

However, with all of the breezy and dreamy lines, as well as the sultry and steamy sides to this latest offering, prolific producer, Spider simply made magic with its production.

The output on “Wifey” packs the insane heat and it is one that will get you to blend right into its grind and feast. Simpy cop, but be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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