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Artwork Sounds – The Gospel According To Artwork Sounds Album




The Artworks team has dropped this stunning piece, as one for the fans this weekend titled “The Gospel According to Artwork Sounds Album.”

Interestingly, the two masterminds who represent the grid as Artwork Sounds met on Facebook, and have not looked back ever since they linked up as a duo.

With time, they have improved on the quality of their delivery, and we have also been treated to a number of scorching pieces from their stables as well.

About a year ago, they had the conversation about returning to their presentation of Deep House music, and truthfully they have committed that in this project.

They have done a great job building the momentum up to this release, and with that, we have been treated to their monthly mixtapes, before settling for a teaser of this project on “Woza Moya.”


1. Artwork Sounds – Listen Lift Him Up (feat. Brian Temba)

2. Artwork Sounds – Rain on Me (feat. Soulfreakah)

3. Artwork Sounds – Woza Moya (feat. CocoSA & Russell Zuma)

4. Artwork Sounds – Romans 8 – 28 (feat. Dearson)

5. Artwork Sounds – That Name (feat. China Charmeleon)

6. Artwork Sounds – Speak (feat. MusiQ Monks)

7. Artwork Sounds – Halellujah (feat. Nastic Groove)

8. Artwork Sounds – Honor, Glory & Power (feat. Deep Xcape)

9. Artwork Sounds – In the Morning (feat. MusiQ Monks)

10. Artwork Sounds – Hope (feat. SGVO & Oscar Mbo) [Dub Mix]

11. Artwork Sounds – Broken Chains (feat. Tim A Deep)

12. Artwork Sounds – That Name (feat. China Charmeleon) [Soulful Remix]

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Artwork Sounds - The Gospel According To Artwork Sounds Album

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