Africa Express – Egoli Album

It is a celebration of the sounds of South Africa as comes through with the highly-anticipated “Egoli .”

As co-founded by Damon Albarn, the project of musical art features 18 records that is all about the tunes that is uniquely Mzansi and one that projects the tribal flavours, spices and herbs of the Motherland in general.

Yet, the “Egoli ” is a collective of some of the finest players and playmakers in the South African music industry.

The 18-track project of musical art comes with the bursts and gusto of the likes of Moonchild Sanelly, Sho Madjozi, BCUC, BLK JKS, FAKA, Mahotella Queens, Muzi, Morena Leraba, Nonku Phiri, Radio 123, and Sibot. It also features a posthumous track with DJ Spoko.

You know this is one bumper package that packs the finest production, the stunning instrumentals, the shinny deliveries as well as the overall flow and groove that’s all magical.

Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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1. Welcome Featuring – Phuzekhemisi
2. City In Lights Featuring – Georgia, Mahotella Queens, Nick Zinner, Otim Alpha
3. The River Featuring – BCUC, Mr Jukes, Nonku Phiri
4. Bittersweet Escape Featuring – BCUC, Mr Jukes, Nonku Phiri
5. Johannesburg Featuring – Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123, Sibot
6. Become The Tiger Featuring – Damon Albarn, Mr Jukes, Sibot
7. Africa To The World Featuring – Dominowe, Infamous Boiz, Mahotella Queens, Nick Zinner, Otim Alpha, Radio 123, Remi Kabaka
8. Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light Featuring – Gruff Rhys, Zolani Mahola
9. Where Will This Lead Us To? Featuring – Blue May, Moonchild Sanelly, Radio 123
10. Mama Featuring – Georgia, Otim Alpha, Radio 123
11. No Games Featuring – Ghetts, Moonchild Sanelly, Muzi, Poté, Radio 123, Sho Madjozi
12. Morals Featuring – Mahotella Queens, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr Juke, Muzi
13. Taranau Featuring – Gruff Rhys, Otim Alpha
14. The Return Of Bacardi Featuring – Dj Spoko, FAKA*
15. Sizi Freaks Featuring – Infamous Boiz, Moonchild Sanelly
16. Twirl Featuring – Ghetts, Poté
17. I Can’t Move Featuring – Blue May, Damon Albarn, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr Jukes, Sibot
18. See The World Featuring – Damon Albarn, Gruff Rhys, Mahotella Queens


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