A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Reece Effect Soundtrack Album

SA prodigy, , and producer extraordinaire, have finally unveiled their highly anticipated collaborative project they title the “Reece Effect Soundtrack .”

Such has been the anticipation of this delight that the duo have teased and teased their fans to a world of excitement.

However, now that we finally have the “Reece Effect Soundtrack ” it is all we thought it would be and even more.

Especially as we know to be one of the finest names in the game with a terrific streak of successes to match his talent and abilities even at such a young age. He only just turned 22.

Plus, on his own has been the production force behind several of the team’s scorching hit singles with stunning commissions of his own.

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Many will not forget his “Thanks For Nothing Album,” of the past campaign which he launched to exciting numbers.

Only thing is with the abundance of potent musical chemistry that A-Reece and share, they bring the finesse, tact, craft, depth and deft to bare on this latest body of work.

The “Reece Effect Soundtrack ” packs 11 stunning records that comes with the heat, fire and flames.

You definitely can prepare for the content, the stunning delivery of exciting lines, as well as the glittering overall production which is the trademark and hallmark of The Wrecking Crew Royals.

The “Reece Effect Soundtrack Album” features usual suspects including Ex Global, IMP Da Don, Wordz and Krish, with the exception of Ecco and Flame.

This latest A-Reece and Mashbeatz commission is set to mesmerise and thrill even before the Reese Effect concert that is set to change the landscape on these streets.

Source: Mashbeatz/Instagram

You definitely do not want to miss out on this blockbuster classic. Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

1. The Preamble
2. Ma$querade Party (feat. Wordz)
3. Fear No Man (feat. Ex Global, IMP THA DON, Krish & Wordz)
4. $trange Habit$ (feat. Ex Global & Wordz)
5. Re$pon$ibilitie$ (feat. Ex Global & Wordz)
6. We Both Know Better
7. Fate Interlude
8. $afe Haven (feat. Ex Global, Krish & Wordz)
9. Girl$ Got Dream$
10. La$t Re$ort
11. Hone$t.

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