Various Artists – Nothing But… Afro House, Vol. 11

If there is one thing we can be certain about now, it is the fact that the genre of Afro will never die. This is as the label, Nothing But comes through with “Nothing But… Afro , Vol. 11.”

Even though the Amapiano niche continues to take the shine in the industry of late, the wider world of Afro has been home to musical magic for years in South Africa and across the African continent.

This is very evident with the number of hits already recorded, the heavyweight acts who have gone on achieve international awards, and recognition, as well as a massive following.

This time and in further promotion of Afro , Nothing But brings together a compilation of several of the finest names in the game and on these streets.

This way, you can expect nothing but the finest of sounds making the rounds but in a sole destination to birth the “Nothing But… Afro House, Vol. 11.”

Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


Alan De Laniere – Chrome (Original Mix)
Blaq Owl – Indian Religion (Original Mix)
Brian’lebza – Qina (Original Mix)
Chriss DeVynal, 18v40 – Deep Journey (Restricted touch)
Daan Mottoram, Max Marotto – Spirit Of The Night (Max Marotto Touch)
Dee Cee – Supremacy (Original Mix)
Diozo, Cleyton Barros, Dudu Capoeira – Brazil Space (Extended Mix)
DJ Dú Marcel – End Of Line (Original Mix)
DJ Monteblack, Cristian Velazquez – Africanism (Original Mix)
Dor Danino – Period (Original Mix)
Dreamer – Isizukulwane (Original Mix)
EchoSlim, The Real Jeilah – Groove (Original Mix)
Epitome Resound, First Jan – Lutho (Original Mix)
Ermanito – Afrikut (Original Mix)
HyperSOUL-X, Black Opal – Leave The Fear (Afro HT)
kqueSol – Heaven On Earth (Organ Mix)
Leo Guardo, Gabriel Otu – Fragments (Original Mix)
Massh, Christine Kahn – Dreamers In The Dark (Original Mix)
Master Fale, DJ Dash, K9 – Ndikhangele (Original Mix)
Mr. Eclectic, KeithCrum – Tangerine Dreams (Original Mix)
Nino Garcia, Stelmarya – Amazonia (Stelmarya Remix)
Paco De Rosa – Call Your Mama (Original Mix)
Red Deep, Mike C – Janguru (Original Mix)
Yescene – Ekua (Original Mix)
ZebraCak3 – Down Under (Original Mix)

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