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UBiza Wethu – Level 3 Bang Mix (To Umhla Wethu Sonke)




Taking us through the journey on the “Level 3 bang (To Umhla Wethu Sonke)” is the master of the beats himself, Bizza Wethu.

The movement of the dance music has kicked off from the plains of Durban ad landed perfectly on the field of Cape Town for the likes of Bizza to get a hold of it.

So far, he has become one of the legends of the sub-genre and has been making music just as old as the story of its inception goes.

He has moved far beyond the starting point, bringing glory days to the movement and in the process of doing this, he also formed his own crew on the that plays home to quite a number of stars.

He does it all by himself this time around, after the resurfacing of his 2020 track featured in the 3 in 1 pack “Ezomhlaba” with Foster.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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