South African Hip Hop Banger Mix (2017)

Artwork By Ashmog

1.Ambitions [Remix] – Ft Khuli Chana & Ice Prince
2.S.A.P – Ft Nasty C & Da L.E.S
3.10 Fingers – &
4.Run Jozi(Godly) – Ft Yanga & K.O
5.Isukile – Ft Simmy Simmy Nya
6.No Feelings – K.O
7.Rabayeezy- Flex Rabayane
8.Tmomm – Ecco Ft
9.Flexin – Dj Sliqe
10.Shishiliza –
11. Hallelujah – Ft
12.Jumanji –
13.I Dont Know – Dj Speedsta
14.Alter Ego –
15.Verge – Nasty C Ft
16.Highlight – B3nchmarq
17.Mayibobo –
18.Down South – Nasty C

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Credits: DJDEET
Artworktaken from: HouseofDjsSA
Artwork By Ashmog


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