Solo and The BETR Gang – des Dates deTournee EP

and The have released a brand new project that they title “des Dates deTournee” EP. In fact, such is the artistic elegance incorporated into this work that they had to really describe it for fans in detail.

The “des Dates deTournee” EP is 5-track project inspired the “Little Dancer of 14 Years” sculpture by Edgar Degas and took to social media platform, Twitter, to explain this inspiration in detail.

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“The 5 track EP is inspired by French artist and impressionist, Edgar Degas. More specifically, one of his earlier works entitled “Little Dancer of 14 Years”.

This sculpture by Degas was quite controversial in its time, as some views on it were unfavourable.#desDatesdeTournee

Source: /Twitter

Although Degas received credit for the piece being deemed one of the more true modern attempts of early sculpture, many people believed “the Little Dancer of 14 Years” lacked conventional beauty. Often described it as ugly and depraved. #desDatesdeTournee

Another major critique was that the young girl seemed to not have a delicate stance in her pose. Almost as if she was being forced to do something she did not want to do. As a result, the piece was never sold.#desDatesdeTournee

It should also be explained that at the time, Edgar Degas’ works reflected the changing social and economic environment in France. Particularly the widespread entrance of women in the work place. #desDatesdeTournee

The artwork for the EP in an adaptation of the “Little Dancer of 14 Years”. We made her distinctly black. I highlight the similarities between the sculpture and the narrative of a young black girl who lacks “conventional beauty” in a world that is insulted by any stance she takes.

Source: Solo/Twitter

One of the songs (Dieties), is written from the perspective of a man who is in a relationship with her. He battles with the strength she has learned to automatically presents in every situation.

The track titled “Little Dancer of 14 Years” is written as an ode to her.”


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