Sjavas Da Deejay – My Love For Music Vol. 22 (Road To Plug & Play Episode 1)

Backing the recent buzz of hit numbers, adds his very own to the collection as he titles this; “My Love For Music Vol.22 (Road To Plug & Play Episode1)”

Starting out as a very focus minded and creative disc jockey, Sjavas has evolved and turned out to be a raging authority in music.

Along the road to his present success, we have witnessed magic, even as he presented “Bashanyana“(Soulfied Vocal ).

Earning his bragging right as a music maker, he also displayed massive skills in “Mariah“, a solo effort which accorded him praise and admiration from his fans.

Just before these streaks began rolling in, he also worked with Killer T on “Ngifuna wena” featuring Swartspeare and Nonose. Yet with his success story all the more inspiring, he went ahead and teamed up with Music Fellas on “Fela Byao“.

This new campaign falls nothing short of the highly placed standard Sjavas has set for his music. Straight out of the decks of the Radio Active records, it is a great way to begin the year for the disc jockey.

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