Simple Tone – Simple Fridays Vol 015



never disappoints, and this time he comes bearing gifts for the weekend groove on the “Simple Fridays Vol 015.”

One thing about is the fact that he gives his best to work the beat, each time he appears on the decks and turntables for some major performance.

To this end, he has kept his own part of the bargain with his delivery of the “Simple Fridays Volume Mix“, which has formed a major part of his brand.

His own Piano vibe dimension has been separated from the pool of campaigns, but he is not ready to stop at that level of glory.

It was just this year, he decided to commission the steady Friday , and so far, he has hit jackpot with over 10 episodes in the collection.

This is another report of his good works behind the metal tables, as he sets the pace for the weekend groove and grind.

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