Shaun101 – Musical Invasion 5FM Mix (Amaswidi Long Weekend Mix)

Shaun101, the perennial deliverer of Mixes has yet again come with another banger. This one, he decides to title “Musical Invasion 5FM (Amaswidi Long Weekend ).”

If you don’t know Shaun101, he is that irresistible Disc Jockey and producer from Soweto who has been buzzing on the streets with his maestro acts on the decks and turntables.

When we talk about superb mixes, we cannot but mention about Shaun101, as he is not a “Johnny just came” in the game, having managed to have formed an entire movement and village by colonizing the South African music world with his tape series “Musical Invasion”.

In a nutshell, this is the mystery behind the 5FM of the series, where Shaun101 had previously plotted several banging jams into a sole destination for the grind and groove in previous invasions.

Apart from the mixes, which he is a master of, Shaun101 had earlier had a ride with Stilo Magolide, the ever blazing rapper on a stinging stunner, which he titled “AmaNumber“.

We derail a bit from the focal point just to let you know that Shaun101 is more than just doing mixes alone. He continues to raise the flag in all respects.

Back to the 5FM Mix of the Musical Invasion series, Shaun101 delivers as usual in all respects. We want you to have a feel of this one this festive season to ease you thirst for true vibes.

Simply stream this song, download, and enjoy. Meanwhile, your thoughts and opinions are welcomed in the comment section.

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