One Shaman – Empty The Clip EP

SA ’s lyrical athlete, completes the year 2018 in style with a few loosies he packages into the “Empty The Clip EP.”

After a lesson in consistency as well as the believe in his superior craft and artistry, the emcee simply proved himself as one of the stand up rappers in the game this campaign.

With several smash records too numerous to mention, clinched a status he’s willing to hold on to and there just might be nothing other players might be able to do about it.

This is because he is part of a movement that brings the core quality of the niche to fans right where it matters the most and the stunning screamers are evidence of this strategy.

Records such as “Finesse,” “Braam Baby,” “#SNS (Freestyle),” “Time Ticking,” “2 Wrongs,” which featured Elo, “Wha’gwan,” alongside ShabZi Madallion and Badda Badda, as well as “Free” comes to mind.

Only thing is the fact that looks to have a world of ammunition still stashed up his arsenal, vault and stables.

With the year running to a tick-tock close, he simply empties the clip with 4 bumper records of the “Empty The Clip EP.”

As always, the records packs the core and essence of , the bouncy overall, the valid content and the exquisite delivery that’s second to none.

On the “Empty The Clip EP,” One Shaman calls on the support of usual collaborator, Shabzi Madallion and Venus Raps for even more depth.

What a way to end a successful year and campaign, but with the “Empty The Clip EP,” you better be sure One Shaman is only just getting started.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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