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Muziqal Tone – UmculoWaseKhaya #005 (10K Appreciation Mix)




Muziqal Tone finally hits jackpot and celebrates with the release of the “UmculoWaseKhaya #005 (10K Appreciation Mix).”

Muziqal Tone made a smart move when he hitched his wagon to the tents of one of Simnandi’s records, hottest group act, ATK MusiQ.

Together as a team, they have set the pace for others to follow, reminding their critics that success is a matter of dedication and commitment.

This has led to the blistering presentations of the likes of “Let’s Go Play” that was commissioned at the perfect timing of the festive season.

In the midst of this, the UmculoWaseKhaya movement has not suffered, despite the fact that the last episode was about nine months ago, just before the main EP.

His numerous displays have earned him over 10k loyal supporters, who he now celebrates on this mix, where he showcases works from his record label, Simnandi.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Muziqal Tone – UmculoWaseKhaya #005 (10K Appreciation Mix)

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