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Muziqal Tone – 10 Free Tracks Vol 2




Muziqal Tone is back on his grind and with that drive, we have been treated to the latest feat titled “10 Free Tracks Vol 2.”

Muziqal Tone is not just any regular hitmaker, and with every chance given, he has proven himself as a grand master of the Yanos game so far.

He has taken his creative covering under the umbrella of the Simnandi records, owned by Jaivane, and with the help of the team present on that label, he has been perfect with achieving his dreams as music maker.

This would include working with the likes of Record L Jones, Sinny Manque and several others that have made the mark on the scene this year.

At the moment, he has decided to bless our weekend with this free tracks that perfectly fit the mood of the season.


  1. Muziqal Tone – Uzokhala (PTP Vocal Mix)
  2. Muziqal Tone – Mmino (PSP Mix)
  3. Muziqal Tone – Morning Tune (PTP Mix)
  4. Muziqal Tone – Can’t Tholakala (PSP Vocal Mix)
  5. Muziqal Tone – My Silence (PSP Mix)
  6. Muziqal Tone – Zet Zet Revisit (PTP Mix)
  7. Muziqal Tone – Sweets Sounds (PSP Mix)
  8. Muziqal Tone – Night Shift (PSP Mix)
  9. Muziqal Tone – Hlonipha iPiano (PTP Mix)
  10. Muziqal Tone – Twelve Kay (PSP Mix) Mp3 Download

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Muziqal Tone – 10 Free Tracks Vol 2

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