Mfr Souls – Musical Experience 029

Even though we already enjoyed the 30th episode of the stunning series of , we seem to have missed out on “Musical Experience 029” which continues to hug the trends and limelight.

To this length and extent, we return back to connect with the times as we bring you “Musical Experience 029” off the stash and stables of the uber-talented production duo.

Such was the groove and grind that “Musical Experience 030” generated that it is still not just dominating musical devices, it looks to have inspired a new lease of life for “Musical Experience 029.”

Perhaps, it is the continued buzz of their monster hit record, “Bamb’ikhanda” which continues to drive this push.

The record dropped in the past campaign with a feature of Tallarsetee and has been a dominant force on the airwaves, dance floors, social gigs and musical devices.

Only thing is The Kings of  made up of Maero and Force Reloaded have launched several belters such as “Dakar,” “Miles Away,” “Someone Like You,” “Blessers,” and a world of other legends.

We aren’t even surprised “Musical Experience 029” as mixed by Maero is making a stunning comeback as it packs all the fierce heat and jolly; the breeze and bliss.

Get right into its feast and fest. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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