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Maluda – Grootman Selections Vol. 06 (100% Production Mix)




Maluda goes head-on to tackle this latest entry that has been titled “Grootman Selections Vol. 06 (100% Production Mix).”

Maluda is also known as Nosizi Mbowane, and he has attempted a major break with the release of this entry that has served its time on the scene.

For him, this is a major break on the platform, and also one of many more to come as he has decided to settle for nothing but the best in his musical content.

As a result, we are being treated to a piece that fits all standards, and also places the mastermind n the watchlist for more of such great pieces.

Right now, he has taken his chances with the release of this Grootman session, which has already been established as a movement based on the episode and the future potential of the mix.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Maluda – Grootman Selections Vol. 06 (100% Production Mix)

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