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Killer Kau – After School EP




It is the birth of a brand new dawn for Internet sensation, as he comes through with his debut project which he titles “After School EP.”

The year 2017 was indeed a career turning point for the youngster when he was discovered online by heavyweight producer, Euphonik.

Then, the song “Tholukuthi Hey” had stormed the web and became the darling and bride of music lovers and industry players.

The end result was all the buzz, plus a properly worked out music video that just but signaled the arrival of unto the upper echelons on a platter of gold.

He has since gone on to plot several other smash efforts including “Shikisha,” and “M’thelele Something” with Bekzin Terris just to mention a few.

He also recently featured on “Kokota” of Kaygee DaKing and Biziz to exciting acclaim.

Having just finished school, does know the career path that is already mapped out for him and music looks to be top on the list.

This way, he delves right unto the finest of stages with the “After School EP” that comes with a combination of 6 tracks records in a fusion of potential and hits.

The “After School EP” features some of the finest names on these streets including G-Snap, JazziDisciples, DJ Stylagang, and Kamo Mphela.

In the end, it is all about the musical pleasure groove and grind as the “After School EP” packs all the finest sounds, the exciting production, and the best of vocal deliveries possible.

Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


1. Smea (feat. G-Snap)

2. Kataliya

3. Champagne (feat. DJ Stylagang)

4. Lebanta (feat. Kamo Mphela)

5. Sandton (feat. JazziDisciples)

6. Joy [feat. G-Snap] (Bonus Track)

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