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Kelvin Momo – Heavenly Sounds Mix Vol. 6




Finally, we get the follow up to the 5th edition as the mastermind, titles this entry “Heavenly Sounds Vol. 6”

The talented disc jockey and music producer Kelvin Thato, has gradually become a household name hen it comes to Mzansi music, blazing the trail with each and every entry.

Since his debut entry here with “Production Mix 10“, he has backed up his collection of hits numbers with entries like “Imagine,” “False”, “Come Closer,” featuring Benjamin and Thato, “Yelele,” alongside Luu Nineleven, DJ Stoks and DaliWonga, “Zwile Nguban”, and “Pine Tree.” to mention a few.

He is also a hothead when it comes to collaborations and he did justice to “Summer Madness” with Daliwonga, and most recently, “Uthando” with the crew Daliwonga, Jobe London, Mphow 69, and Stoks,

He definitely pulled the crowd on”Say Yes (Vocal Spin )”, and the last time he was on to a similar offering, it was a blast in the form of the “Heavenly Sounds Mix Vol. 5“, as it contains 15 tracks;

1. Tsivo Da Man – Trust Issues ( Soulful )
2. Issabela ( Ft. Mogomotsi Chosen)
3. Loxion Deep – Memories of Us
4. Summer Nights
5. Going Crazy ( Ft. DaliWonga)
6. Lalaby ( Ft. ####)
7. Joyful Memories
8. Love Gravity
9. Lessons
10. Before & After
11. Jumpy
12. Tunnels
13. Get Up
14. On & Off
15. Faith

Listen, stream and download. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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