Kek’Star x Stickman – Matured Feeling EP

Kek’Star attempts another mass murder on the beats and this time, he is joined by Stickman as they jointly title this project “Matured Feeling EP”.

Known Kekstar Keke to some as he hails from Johannesburg, he has flourished so far as a music producer, remixer and disc jockey. He has never been caught delivering below industry standards.

Stickman has hitched his wagon to Keke’s Star as they have partnered together severally. The created a formidable force on “El Cafe” while working on the sounds of “If Only You Knew”.

Recently, Kek’Star commissioned “Hands“, as a sneak into this recent effort. The EP produced by Azania Digital records contains 8 tracks including;

  1. Khensani (Original )
  2. Never Give Up (Original )
  3. History (Original )
  4. Total Chaos (Original Mix)
  5. Holding Back (Original Mix)
  6. Revenge (Original Mix)
  7. Clear View (2020 Mix)
  8. Modern War (Original Mix)

It is a mix of all the modern elements and a fusion flavored beats. Listen, and download. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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