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Fiso El Musica – Halaal Flavour #045 Mix (100% Production Mix)




Fiso El Musica is right on track, as he gets down to business on the set of “Halaal Flavour #045 Mix (100% Production Mix).”

Fiso El Musica, since he made his big break as a solo act, has been crossing several mighty territories and served his time in his own right.

As an ex-member of the Entity MusiQ group, he has used his expertise to set the tone for his fresh take on the decks as a solo disc jockey and music producer.

He has always been about the Halaal Flavour mix, with his 100% investment on the decks, and that is the same spirit with which he has championed this mix.

In about one hour of good play, he has been able to convince his critics that he is the man for the job. Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Fiso El Musica – Halaal Flavour #045 Mix (100% Production Mix)

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