Faith Nketsi – Disrespectful EP

makes her musical debut with new EP titled “Disrespectful”. For a first time venture, this is a pretty laudable body of work, and she proves she can rock any cloth she dares to put on.

We think all of Mzansi stood still the day the reality star and model announced that she would be going into the music business.

While many thought she was joking, her fans had the time of their lives anticipating what was to come. It would be a lie if we said we didn’t want to hear it for ourselves too.

Everyone knows is one of the most famous female Mzansi celebs right now. With a successful show in her name, over a million followers on social media, a big name in the fashion world, all she needed to do to complete the cycle was venture into the music business. That she’s done, and it wasn’t a bad decision after all.

On 7th November, the TV star took to her social media to reveal the title of the EP, “Disrespectful”. If you didn’t know, it is aimed at everyone who didn’t believe in her hustle while she was starting out. So what better name to give her debut than a feisty one.

The new EP contains the kind of music that proves she’s a stunner in her own right. It contains upbeat songs perfect for the club, mid-tempo tracks and female anthems as expected.


  1. Ishu
  2. Mood
  3. Big Sis
  4. Men Are Trash
  5. Look at it
  6. Mood Remix
  7. Pop That

Simply cop the EP for yourself below. Also leave a comment about it too.

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