Dzo – Local Is Lekker #25 (Birthday Mix)

It is a birthday celebration as Dzo sanctions another episode of his notorious series. This one is titled “Local Is Lekker #25 (Birthday ).”

Dzo continues to push the frontiers as a gifted Disc Jockey and Producer who is known as one of the leaders of the mixtape movement,

This is not even much of a surprise considering the fact that he packs those enormous talents and abilities on the decks and turntables.

Yet, he holds such massive hit songs and dope collaborations with some of the finest names, players and playmakers in the industry.

Reason why we have seen such jams as “The Weekend,” with Tumza D’Kota and “Dreams,” alongside Kelvin Momo.

This time and with “Local Is Lekker #25 (Birthday ),” the beatmaker simply flaunts on that artistry but this time, he adds an even special twist with the celebration of a special day as his birthday was on July 25th.

This one holds all the finest numbers making the rounds so you know it is a musical ride and journey of the feast and fest with the rhythmic sounds and melodies to match.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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