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Dj Mzu – ReIntroduction EP




Dj Mzu comes from the angle of the massive distribution of music with the launch of the “ReIntroduction EP.”

There is no better title that would have justified what he has attempted on this project as he truly makes his introductory move with each of the tracks.

It was only a few months ago he made his debut appearance here featuring the mastermind Dj Bongz on the masterpiece “Aniyeke Ukuloya” with Lady Du.

Since then, he has placed on the watch list, and just to show he is in a league of his own, he has appeared with this project featuring some of the industry’s finest.

The project houses 7 tracks and features Bongz, Lady Du, with the creative direction under the umbrella of the GwaraGwara entertainment label.


  1. ReIntroduction
  2. Aniyeke Ukuloya (feat. Lady Du & DJ Bongz)
  3. Sohambek’seni (feat. Lady Du)
  4. Dj Mzu & Silvva Da DJ – Izwi
  5. Summer Night (feat. Ms Dippy)
  6. Iyashisa LeSummer (feat. Bhar & DJ Pelco)
  7. Road to Cape Town (feat. DJ Pelco)

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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