DJ Kent – The weeKENT 21Dec18

– The weeKENT 21Dec18. Source: /Instagram

It has become a weekly affair but the prolific is not backing away from the abundance of fun he serves with his series. This time, he commissions the “The weeKENT 21Dec18.”

As a terrific disc jockey with an extra depth of craft and artistry on the decks and turntables, remains one of the most sought after in the business of entertainment.

Plus, he holds a touch as one with knack for stunning hit records including such efforts as “The Words,” which featured Jethro Tait, “Love You Still,” with Dominic Neill and “Hold On.”

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Only thing is with the Yuletide season right upon us, DJ Kent serves another dose of a pleasurable musical journey that is set to mesmerise and refresh.

“The weeKENT 21Dec18” is a compilation of musical bliss for almost 20 minutes that you might not need playlists for now with the replay button in tow.

You know DJ Kent never disappoints and the “The weeKENT 21Dec18” is a feast for the celebrations in abundance this festive weekend.

You do not want to miss out especially since “The weeKENT 21Dec18” might just be about the last episode before Christmas.

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