DJ Kent – The WeeKENT 08.03.2019

– The WeeKENT 08.03.2019. Source: /Instagram

What is a weekend without a dose of some ? Well, he continues on his massively popular series with “The WeeKENT 08.03.2019.”

He might hold the reign as a club and radio DJ, but is also one who keeps his loyal army of fans and followers (The Kentaholics) in mind.

To this extent, he has created an entire movement off his “The WeeKENT” series which races to thousands of downloads with every episode.

Plus, DJ Kent also gives performing artists a run for their money with monster hit records that dominate the trends, charts, dance floors, social gigs, musical devices and the airwaves.

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We have seen him perform such magic on records including “The Words” which featured Jethro Tait, “Love You Still,” with Dominic Neill and “Hold On.”

Only thing is DJ Kent again returns to the decks and turntables with the “The WeeKENT 08.03.2019” where he plots the finest musical pieces in a single destination.

In fact, such is the groove of this musical journey and sojourn that you can already rest your playlists knowing DJ Kent has got you covered.

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Cheers to an explosive weekend ahead with a dose of this musical engineering and creation. Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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