DJ Athie – #GqomFridays Mix Vol.128

– #GqomFridays Vol.128

It is a Friday which means yet another epidose of the GqomFridays series. On the decks and turntables for “#GqomFridays Vol.128” is usual mastermind, .

Durban Music Concepts looks to be leading the light in the revolution of music as well as the promotion of the genre to even greater heights.

This way, they have been able to birth a movement of the series called Fridays with several talented acts bringing the heat and fire to bare on a weekly basis.

The last time out and with “#GqomFridays Mix Vol.127,” we had Cruel Boyz on hand to thrill and mesmerise with the finest jams possible.

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However, is not a stranger on these steets and in fact, he is a customer of the movement having masterminded “#GqomFridays Mix Vol.120, “GqomFridays Mix Vol.112” as well as “GqomFridays Mix Vol.98.”

This time and with “#GqomFridays Mix Vol.128,” DJ Athie again flaunts and flosses on his craft and artistry that we know he packs in abundance.

Especially since he also holds a world of hit songs to his credit including “The Fallen Soldier,” “Boomin,” as well as the recently released “Igubu,” just to mention a few.

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You know you do not want to miss out on this feast and fest off the stash and stables of DJ Athie and Durban Music Concepts.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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