DJ Athie – GqomFridays Mix Vol.120



It is yet another Friday and GqomFridays looks to define our weekends since it has already become a part of the culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you “GqomFridays Vol.120” as mixed by .

Durban Music Concepts looks to be leading the light in the revolution of music as well as the promotion of the genre to even greater heights.

This way, they have been able to birth a movement of the series called Fridays with several talented acts bringing the heat and fire to bare on a weekly basis.

The past episode which was “GqomFridays Mix Vol.119” had the double combo of Lady Sboh and Pradar on board and you know its effects continues to be felt across musical devices and playlists.

Only thing is looks to have become a mainstay on the series as he handed out “GqomFridays Mix Vol.112” as well as “GqomFridays Mix Vol.98” just to mention a few.

Yet, he has been prolific with his lethal partnership with Da Fresh and together they have scored such monster jams as “The Fallen Soldier,” “Boomin,” as well as the recently released “Igubu.”

Yet, returns to the decks and turntables on “GqomFridays Vol.120” as he plots some of the finest sounds making the rounds in the world of Gqom music.

You can be certain the weekend is already an explosive affair and all you have to do is to cop a dose of this latest musical engineering.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


Abashana BoNjandini – Cross 11
Abashana BoNjandini – Imfihlo
Mr. Thela – 3362 (Yoyoyo Vox)
Jeje – Gqom Expo
IRohn Dwgs – Uchuku
Melotic & Bhuda Chaos Tee – Incingo
Ngu X
DJ Kwaal – Transformers
Da Fresh x Athie – Igubu
Da Fresh x Athie – ZERO43
Da Fresh x Athie – Tremor
Da Fresh x Athie – Love Potion