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DJ Ace – Timeless EP




It isn’t everyday you wake up to an offering from your favourite DJ. The promise was given, now he’s come through with it. Definitely no Kanye stunts pulled on this one.

King of , promised to drop his new “Timeless EP” today, Friday, 4th October and he’s done exactly that. If you’re a sucker for slow jams, then this is the magical gem for you. All slow hits, start to finish.

Ace Van Harred has been a stand-out performer on these streets with an abundance of talent as well as a terrific work ethic to match his dominance of the industry and across genres.

Asides from his mixtape ventures, he has been running wild on these streets this campaign with a world of smash hit efforts including “Mixed Emotions,” “O Nketsang,” “Urban Piano,” “Consistency,” “UpTempo” and “AKA – Jika (DJ Ace Slow Jam Mix),” just to name a few.

The Team No Sleep DJ has now presented a whole new body of work perfect for relaxing and letting your hair down.

The new project, tagged the “Timeless EP” contains 7 tracks, all of which are slow tempo-ed as promised.

The tracks include; “Goosebumps“, “Saxophone“, “Urban Piano“, “Jika“, “Gugulethu“, “O Nketsang“, and “Melodies of Heartbeat“.

Each song on the record tells a different story with the sound of its beat and the stroke of its chords.

Of course, the DJ outdoes himself yet again, and shows us how much we do not deserve his genius.


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