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Bee Deejay – On The Map EP




Bee Deejay places himself “On The Map” with this EP as he also draws strength from some of the industry’s finest on the decks.

Regardless of what the season dictates, Bee Deejay has his own crew that has stood by him through thick and thin and have also elevated his status on these streets.

Talking about the likes of Mr Mshayi and Tarenzo Bathathe, who have long-established their synergy with the mastermind from time immemorial.

To this end, we received massive jams like “My Guitar Song” a few years ago, and for the former, music is the major movement he upholds.

It has been a while since he displays his talent as a solo act, and this time he has successfully created an impression with the project that houses 9 scorching tracks that totally steal the show.


  1. Ngenkani feat. Zano
  2. Abangani Bethu feat. DJ Jeje & Lavaz
  3. Nantsi feat. Rhass, RVKS & DJ 1D
  4. Thaxa feat. Rhass, RVKS & DJ 1D
  5. Bolova feat. RVKS, Rhass, Bravo Le Roux & DJ 1D
  6. Ndincede feat. Rhass, Mshayi & Mr Thela
  7. Putted feat. Bravo Le Roux, Rhass, Mshayi & Mr Thela
  8. Jikeleza feat. RVKS, Rhass, Mshayi & Mr Thela
  9. On The Map feat. Mshayi & Mr Thela

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Bee Deejay – On The Map EP

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