Bantu Elements – Motsweding FM Power Mix (27-July-2020)

is over the moon with the success of his time out in the decks on “Motsweding FM Power (27-July-2020)”.

The journey for the Mzansi’s Music Producer, Remixer and Disc Jockey has been a full episode since it became official, his aim to dominate the airwaves of the city.

Unlocking new levels has been his forte, and regardless of the time and season, he has something hot cooking on his stables.

He displayed a massive combination of skill and professionalism on “In the Light“, “Cloud 9”, “Pusha”, and “Bantu Zinto“, which remain evergreen in his collection.

His radio has been a major high point of each season, and the last time he pleased his fans here with a blissful expression was on his “Random Selections” playlist.

On this power , he has come ready and fully equipped to take the prize, upholding the richness of Afro music.

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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