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Zendaya Hooks Up With Labrinth For Euphoria’s ‘All Of Us’




Zendaya recently collaborated with Labyrinth for Euphoria’s soundtrack ‘All Of Us‘.

If you saw the eighth and last episode of the first season of the teen drama series, Euphoria on HBO, then you must have witnessed the debut of All Of Us. The song and its video played out as part of the episode’s end, after Zendaya Coleman‘s character, Rue relapses to drug use. The song is performed by Rue in the movie after she leaves the love of her life, Jules on the train, opting to stay with her family and relapses when she gets home.

Rue who has been had been clean for about 3 months is seen to be in a completely different world when she sniffs drugs to numb her pain. She embraces her family imaginatively and joins in a dance that officially ends the season with the words, Till Then. 

The song is a duet by Zendaya and Labrinth written by the latter. It is expected to appear on Labrinth‘s upcoming solo album. Labrinth is also credited to have provided the score for the teen drama. He is also known to have written Beyoncé Lion King lead song, Spirit.

The outplay of the song, All Of Us at the end of Euphoria’s 8th episode is a fitting end for the series’ first season. The song sees Zendaya‘s character Rue, singing about some of the things that have plagued her and her family since her addiction to drugs. The song practically summarizes her character’s life in the series. All Of Us is as dark and insightful as the series itself, with resounding bass and chanting back up vocals that blend with Zendaya‘s lead.

The series is also executive produced by Drake and has been renewed for a second season.

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