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XXXTENTACION’s Posthumous Track “Royalty” Drops Friday

His was one life cut in mid passage. At just 20 at the time of his assassination, he would go down in history as one of the youngest rappers ever to be so killed. But then XXXTENTACION left a vast body of work.

And his works have apparently been living after him. Just months after his killing, his estate had released his first posthumous album “Skins.”  Clearly the album wasn’t all XXXTENTACION had worked on prior to his death.

This became clear just recently when his mother took to Instagram to announce a release date for the late rapper’s single “Royalty. This song itself had earlier been leaked online, but it is unknown if Ky-Mani Marley, who’d appeared in the leaked version, will appear in the one slated for release this Friday – exactly two days from now.

By the way, prior to the official announcement “Royalty” will be out on all streaming platforms Friday, Travis Barker had dropped a remix of Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION’s “Falling Down” to a good reception back home.

Besides “Royalty,” an album is also announced. The album will commemorate the first year anniversary of XXXTENTACION’s death

With the volume of work so far released and others still on the way, it is clear XXXTENTACION had a strong ethic and did work feverishly on his bars even up to the time of his death. His legacy is priceless.

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