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Wiz Khalifa – X 4 X ft. Desiigner

Exciting American rapper, Wiz Khlaifa‘s “Bong Rips” EP is a whole bag of smoke even Wiz can’t smoke all of it. Of that project of musical art is a surprise collaboration with Brooklyn native, Desiigner. Titled “X 4 X”, the duo went for the broke on a “Xanny for Xanny” dope.

Just about everyone knows Wiz Khalifa is all up for his high. However, he’s taken his Weedmix Series to a whole new level and this is just about a different levels of the good feeling.

Desiigner started things of on “X 4 X” with the high tempo kinda energy. Destroying flows on bars like he’d gotten the cooking off a proper energetic stuff. Plus, the whole spice is all sultry, sensual and explicit.

Wiz Khalifa on his own part gave in for the allowances for things to settle down. He’s gone for the subtle flows in a laid-back and subtle drive as he did to critical acclaim on “See You Again”.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz proves yet again to be the real deal and “X 4 X” is just the continuation of his masterclass lyrical flows on bars.

“X 4 X” was produced by DP Beats and it is a fusion of banging beats and stunning instrumentals. This is why you should already want to delve in its full groove and mood.

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Don’t take it on the high but just on the low!

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