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Willy Paul – Lamba Nyonyo




Singer Willy Paul has dropped a new tune titled, Lamba Nyonyo.

Kenyan singer Willy Paul has been making headlines since he first released his debut track way back in the early 2010s. The Kenyan singer has become one of the most talked about and highly revered artists in the Kenyan music industry. With lots of hits to his name, the singer has continued his streak of always dropping hits with the release of this new one, Lamba Nyonyo. Lamba Nyonyo is a dance hall song with call and response lyrics that seems to work well for parties.

Willy Paul is no stranger to hits and winning awards that come with them. The Kenyan singer is not just known for his music but is also recognized as a craftsman which he inherited from his father after the death of his Tanzanian mother. The Kenyan singer has tasted both sides of the world, rising from poverty and becoming the man he is now.

His previous hit, Sitolia featuring Gloria Murilo told the story of his life’s struggles and quickly became a hit in the country. Although the song caused controversy for both artists after Willy complained he wasn’t making any money from it. The success of the song led to subsequent hits, electrifying concerts and awards all to his name.

Willy Paul and worked with many huge names across Africa and keeps churning out new hits. Lamba Nyonyo is a solid banger for the Kenyan music scene and even beyond. The dance track excites from the first listen and moves the listen into unleashing a crazy dance. Willy Paul has indeed made a name for himself in both the gospel and mainstream worlds.

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