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Watch Snoop Dogg’s Hilarious Attempt to Convince Kawhi Leonard To Sign With Lakers

It appears Kawhi Leonard is yet to make his mind on which team to play for next season. The star, who is currently a free agent, is said to be in talks with the Toronto Raptors and the Lakers.

The Lakers’s interest in the star is said to be particularly fervid. Now, apparently, it appears the Lakers, as a club, are not alone in their quest to get Kawhi Leonard over to play for the purple and the gold.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., who you readily identify as Snoop Dogg, has joined in the call. Bad old Snoop, who recently shared a track titled “I Wanna Thank Me,” off his forthcoming album of the same title, joined the call to get Kawhi Leonard to the Staples Centre via a song.

The song, which Bleacher Report shared on Twitter, makes for absolute hilarity and you might find yourself holding your sides in laughter.

It remains to be seen if Snoop’s hilarious song, and subterranean moves by other individuals, will ultimately convince Kawhi Leonard to sign with the Lakers.

Snoop, an all-time Lakers fan, is just one of those who have tried so far to convince Kawhi Leonard to make a Lakers decision. LeBron James is reported to have made similar moves.

As next season draws near, it is inevitable Kawhi Leonard will eventually make a decision. If he should eventually opt for the Lakers, it would be dependent on several conditions, as we had reported earlier. These conditions might include being allowed to bring his medic and trainer.

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