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Ubi Franklin’s Alleged 4th Baby Mama Blasts Critics, Calls Them Jobless

Linda Iheuwa recently threw herself a baby shower as she is expecting a child who’s, according to her, Ubi Franklin‘s. After pictures of the baby shower were posted online, some fans came after her wondering why she was celebrating being a baby mama and she has now found a fitting response for them.

The expecting woman who is a businesswoman penned a huge response for the critics, calling them jobless and saying if they had anything to say, they should say it to her face, but that she doubted they would even have the nerve to come anywhere near her.

Her response started with: “So i see some jobless people that can’t even provide 3 square meals for themselves not to talk of their family calling me shameless for celebrating my baby given to me by God regardless of how the baby came along. Yes, I will be shameless because I am proud of whom I am as a woman who takes care of her kids singlehandedly with no help whatever.”

She also took time to slam a blogger who described her as ‘loud and confident’, correcting the unnamed blogger that the right term is ‘outspoken and confident’.

She said she had lived in the US for 17 years and had a different orientation from most of those criticizing her and that if the father of her child would not take responsibility, she saw no problem with flaunting her pregnancy.

Linda Iheuwa has said she would not hide in shame as many expected her to, but would stand tall and raise her child when the child is born.

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