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Twista – Summer 96

The one-time holder of the Fastest Rapper in the World record according to 1992 World Guinness Records, Twista returns to the scene and is armed with a new song titled “Summer 96” and what a way to return!

If there is anything Twista is known for, it’s the speed of his rap. He has always had that on lockdown and fans of the fast rap love him for this. But beyond that, he puts a lot of heart and soul and thought too into his lines, which is not a surprise seeing as he is one of the pioneers and one of the kings that used to run the game.

He takes a trip down memory lane on this song too, drawing on beats from some of his most successful offerings as well as remembering where it all started.

Hear him rap: “Since the 90s, I can hit the studio to make a knocker, fuck a drive-by, to leave a rapper shot-up. Bullets go a-blocka-blocka when I go and shoot the block up, I’m apocalyptic like the way 2Pac would spit it” and you have a ‘welcome home’ line in your head because it sends you right back to the days of rap that used to flow this way.

“Po Pimp” launched him to the world back then, raising the roof and making him one of the acts to watch out for and he took all of that popularity to build a name and fame for himself and we recommend listening to what he did with this new song.

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