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Trump Sends U.S. Hostage Crisis Envoy to Sweden for A$AP Rocky Case

As the assault case against rapper, A$AP Rocky begins, he is finding support from the most unlikely of places as President Donald Trump is taking this serious.

The news now is that the President sent a US hostage crisis envoy to monitor the situation of things and follow the case in Sweden. Having already asked the Prime Minister of Sweden to step in with the latter refusing, this is likely the next best thing that the President can do.

President Trump is without doubt a controversial man who has made a lot of enemies but he is winning quite the number of people over with this the way he has been paying attention to the case and even pushing more than those involved.

He has already protested heavily through Twitter which is his favorite medium and tried to get the Prime Minister to intervene but even if he wanted to, the law does not allow him.

Protests have come from fellow rappers too though with Tyler, The Creator saying he would fly to Sweden to free the rapper himself and Machine Gun Kelly boycotting Swedish fish until A$AP Rocky is released and well, you’ve got to love that.

When a member of the envoy sent to Sweden was asked what they were doing in the country, the response was that: “The president asked me to come here and support these American citizens. I’ll be here until they come home.”

The trial will take place tomorrow and A$AP Rocky will have to answer questions following his not-guilty plea and we’ll let you know how that goes.

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