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Travis Denning – Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song

While the industry is still enjoying the magic cooked up by Travis Denning on “After a Few”, he drops another musical delight titled “Tank of Gas and a Radio Song” and the country music world is abuzz.

Country music faithfuls will definitely love this. The song has gathered a lot of praise too, even listed by Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 Country Songs to Hear Now. Travis Denning himself revealed that the song is one of his personal favorites and he had loved it since they wrote it.

In his words:

This song has been one of my favorites since the day we wrote it, and easily one of my favorites to play live,” said Denning. “I love that the title seems like it would be your stereotypical party song, but I think the approach of the lyrics will surprise people. I hope a lot of people dig this song this summer.

Travis Denning embraced music at a young age. At 16, he was already playing the guitar in bars, so it was almost certain he was on the right track and when he moved to Nashville to take the music serious, a year later, he had a publishing deal with RED Creative Group.

Travis Denning according to his own accounts fell in love with music at age 7 and resolved he was going to be a singer. Well, he is living the dream and music lovers are the winners. To listen to this new one from him, stream and share your thoughts about the song.

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