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Travis Barker Slams Echosmith Drummer for DMing His Daughter

Drummer, Travis Barker is not taking things lightly with Echosmith drummer, Graham Sierota who is guilty of messaging Travis Barker’s 13-year old daughter.

The girl had started the controversy when she took to her social media page to share cuts of chats she had with the younger drummer and how he had been messaging her, inviting her to events and complimenting her which she said was super creepy.

Travis Barker‘s daughter, Alabama is herself a singer and debuted her second single last October and it was titled “Heartbreaker” and after the success of that release, she talked about her father, saying “My dad always helps in any way he can. He does a good job of guiding me and my brother, Landon, with music and life in general.”

Reacting to news that a 20-year old drummer was messaging his 13-year old daughter though, Travis Barker was one unsmiling dad as he slammed the younger drummer, calling his behavior ‘predatory’.

In his words: “When I found out a 20-year-old man was trying to get in touch with my 13-year-old daughter by filling her Instagram messages with party invites and compliments, I was disgusted. That’s predatory behavior and there is nothing cool, normal or OK about it at all.”

The drummer in question, Graham Sierota has since apologised, calling it a huge misunderstanding. He explained that he thought she was his age.

He was all apologetic and said “I’m really sorry and feel very badly about this. I didn’t realize she was a minor and assumed she was my age. I made a careless mistake and this is a big lesson for me.”

While Travis Barker is yet to respond to the apology, we will let you know when he does.

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