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Tory Lanez – Melee

You don’t want to be caught in a melee, but you’ll most like desire the one spawned by the Canadian Tory Lanez. “Melee”? Come on, then, and take a listen. It is the Canadian’s most recent drop, and it’s got a music video already.

Both song and music video tote bends in material history, Tory Lanez’s, and should make interesting subjects for conversation. This isn’t some country chaos story, though.

Melee” comes right behind “Pop Out Freestyle (Playboy Mix), which is just as fascinating a number. With the latest drop, and with the rapper sill fine-tuning more bars, it is apparent he might sign out of the year on a lyrically orgasmic note.

The rapper, who PNB Rock tapped for “All These Bands  back in May, is a diehard Toronto Raptors fan, an affiliation shared by fellow Canadian Drake.

Tory Lanez, who’s joined the advocacy to get A$ap Rocky freed, recently confessed to missing Nicki Minaj (who’d backed out of her Jeddah concert days ago) on a record. He’s probably a big fan of Barbie’s seeing how confidently he tweeted her craft has always been solid and has never changed.

Should we expect a collab between them sometime soon? I guess time will tell.

By the way, “Melee” drops even as Tory Lanez fine-tunes plans to let fans dictate the pace of his releases. A novel idea, but how it turns out ultimately is what the world may yet see.

Stream “Tory Lanez – Melee” below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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