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Tory Lanez Drops New Song & Video “Watch For Your Soul”




Tory Lanez drops new song “Watch For Your Soul” with accompanying video.

It was Fargo Friday again for Tory Lanez yesterday. The Canadian rapper dropped a new song and we’re loving it. We can’t say for you though. You might just like it as much as we do. It’s Lanez anyway. The rapper / singer has been making huge drops for a while now but seemed to have taken a break from it.

Earlier on in the week, he hinted at bringing back the weekly Friday releases saying it would keep fans’ appetite satiated while they wait for his Chixtape 5 mixtape. Keeping to his word, he dropped this new joint on Friday and blessed us with an accompanying video. He says the song is dedicated to his family or friends that passed on this year.

He wrote “FARGO FRIDAY!!!! I was gonna drop a RNB song … but i wanted to put this song out first .. I’ve lost 6 real friends in this last year alone ALL DEAD .. one of which who was my close childhood friend who committed suicide . I haven’t really been the same since … so I felt it was more fitting to start the #FargoFridaySeries off with something dedicated to my family and friends that died last year and the years prior.”

In the song which is almost his last words to the people he lost he says “My dawg, I’m finna meet you at the golden gates / we go together like a pair of fucking roller skates / Riding around inside the Civic with the stolen plates / They got a nigga feeling colder than a frozen lake”

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